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January 2006

GECard Carte de visite Google Earth

by Dany & 2 others
Générez votre carte de visite au format Google Earth: GECard Le lien GECard entrainera l'ouverture de Google Earth (ce logiciel doit être installé sur l'ordinateur de l'internaute) et l'affichage de votre carte de visite, là où vous l'avez spécifié. Le lien "site internet" que vous pouvez indiquer dans vos coordonnées sera cliquable dans Google Earth. Vous pouvez par exemple utiliser cette carte de visite en signature sur vos e-mails ou vos messages sur les forums.

December 2005

ampsig: the progressive dynamic sig.. a php generated dynamic signature image with progress!

by metropol
here you can find out all about ampsig, probably the world's coolest dynamic signature image, generated with php, especially for use in forums, emails, blogs, websites, or wherever you desire to tell people what song you are playing, what your uptime is, what film does it for you this week/month/millenium, etc, the important stuff. ampsig is FREE to download, and FREE to use, so help yourself! if you need any help setting up your sig, feel free to ask questions, even really stupid ones (there's no such thing). a few minutes from now you could have yourself a beautifully rendered, dynamically generated signature image like these are..

酷酷的 Email signature icon

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
昨天經過 ,發現右邊的 Featured Links 裡有個叫 Email Icon Maker 的。點進去後,果然如我預期,可以用來製作自己的 email signature icon。除了酷炫的效果外,它還有個實用的目的,就是避免你公佈的 Email address 被在網路爬爬走的 web spider 收去,然後就在收到一堆廣告信時懊悔。

October 2005

More secure signatures

by smudie
IBM is working on a system using dynamic signature verification as a biometric authentication of the purchaser and to reduce fraud at point of sales counters. The system, dubbed Sign and Go, checks your signature by comparing it to several previously recorded samples and analyzing the speed and the movements of your hand when you sign on a digital pad.

September 2005

人 命 算 甚 麼

by ryanne
[monday, 20 december 2004] [ BBC News ] Rumsfeld faces Iraq letters row: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has pledged to personally sign letters of condolence to the families of American soldiers killed in action. He spoke shortly after his admission

May 2005

March 2005

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