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Libpuzzle - A library to find similar pictures

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
The Puzzle library is designed to quickly find visually similar images (gif, png, jpg), even if they have been resized, recompressed, recolored or slightly modified. The library is free, lightweight yet very fast, configurable, easy to use and it has been designed with security in mind. There is a PHP extension.



ampsig: the progressive dynamic sig.. a php generated dynamic signature image with progress!

by metropol
here you can find out all about ampsig, probably the world's coolest dynamic signature image, generated with php, especially for use in forums, emails, blogs, websites, or wherever you desire to tell people what song you are playing, what your uptime is, what film does it for you this week/month/millenium, etc, the important stuff. ampsig is FREE to download, and FREE to use, so help yourself! if you need any help setting up your sig, feel free to ask questions, even really stupid ones (there's no such thing). a few minutes from now you could have yourself a beautifully rendered, dynamically generated signature image like these are..

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