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U.S. scientists develop eye-shaped camera

by pigmyscout (via)
Borrowing one of nature's best designs, U.S. scientists have built an eye-shaped camera using standard sensor materials and say it could improve the performance of digital cameras and enhance imaging of the human body.


EthosVision Donates the Gift of Sight To Nigeria!

by charlieatlas
Today, EthosVision has made the first (of many) donations of Carnosine eyedrops directly to the Nigerian Ministry of Health.

Investors in Vision

by charlieatlas
Every company should take corporate responsibility for it's actions and one way to do this is to give back the gift of sight to those blinded by cataracts and other degenerative eye diseases by supporting Investors in Vision.


The Silicon Eye

by YukuanBlog
在〈The fitness of things〉文末提到的《矽眼》,我這個月初在網路上得知此書,於 8 號溜到政大書城購買,當天就熬夜將它閱讀完畢、畫上重點、附上書籤。原本想個評介的,想想還是把我批註的部份整理整理,將內文摘錄摘錄就好:

The Fitness of Things

by YukuanBlog
突然發現,書架上有好些書都提到 MIT ,其中更有幾本,是以 MIT 為故事背景的。 1999 年購入的這本《MIT 長廊下的思考》是描寫關於「工程史」和「科技想像」的。書中首先提到,早期的工程界,對其中的菁英份子而言,促使它們與眾不同、促成他們成功的背後,潛藏著一股力量,這股力量就是對事物適性的感受力(A sense of the fitness of things):

Foveon - Product Overview

by YukuanMark
Foveon develops technology and products that drive innovation and value for digital cameras. With the recently announced Foveon X3® technology, Foveon has developed the world's first direct image sensor, marking the first major breakthrough in digital image capture since the CCD was invented over 30 years ago.


Re: 顏色是腦神經創造出來的

by YukuanBlog
光訊號由進入眼睛經感光細胞→神經節細胞→LGN→V1→...V4。V4 中有神經元可作「藍德效應」的修正,對特定顏色產生反應。

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