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27 May 2005

Turmoil as Chirac plots to disregard 'non' vote

by mikepower
PRESIDENT CHIRAC of France is preparing to throw Europe into confusion and put Britain on the spot by backing moves to keep the European constitution alive if it is rejected in Sunday’s referendum.

Desperate Chirac in final plea for EU yes

by mikepower
Jacques Chirac made a final attempt to reverse France's determination to reject the EU constitution last night, imploring voters "not to answer the wrong question"

26 May 2005

Timothy Garton Ash: Votez oui, malgr� tout

by mikepower
The French noes and the British noes are the most incompatible of all. In fact, if one leaves aside the shared concern on the right for national sovereignty, they are almost diametrically opposed.

The Guardian: In the heart of Europe, a big No looms

by mikepower
Culture capital and continental gateway threatens to repay Brussels' largesse by spurning constitution

24 May 2005

The Spectator: The European constitution contains some good sense. That’s why the French dislike it

by mikepower
The British No campaign urges opposition to the constitution because it threatens too much central control. The French are voting Non in such large numbers because they fear the exact opposite — a weakening of the command state.

IOL: EU referendum campaigning enters le fin

by mikepower
France has entered what was likely to be a bitter final campaign week before a national referendum on the European Union’s constitution, with polls showing undecided voters could make or break the neck-and-neck race.

French EU referendum

by mikepower
Here the BBC News website explains what is happening and what is at stake for France and the European Union.

EU referendum prompts French identity crisis

by mikepower
France's referendum on the European constitution next Sunday has plunged the nation into a bout of tortured introspection. And at present - as a seventh successive poll confirmed yesterday - what has emerged is a clear temptation to say non.

15 May 2005

Seven misconceptions about that election by Mick Hume

by mikepower
Here, briefly and in no particular order, are some of the more prominent misconceptions about the election.


by Darkstar603
The Sideblog of blue-chair ://the blogger chair. It contains favorites links.

10 May 2005

My God, Labour will miss him when he has gone

by mikepower
No politician in memory has so relentlessly tried and succeeded to construct a progressive programme that will simultaneously improve the lives of those at the bottom of the heap while appealing to the better instincts and winning the support of those hig

09 May 2005

Blair's forgotten genius

by mikepower
Suddenly, Tony Blair has the reek of political death upon him. On the hustings, he was brimming with life: tanned, fit and lean - and eloquent, too, projecting the phenomenal charm that has propelled him to where he is. Now, just a few days later, he seem

07 May 2005

He's prime minister but the message is: time is running out

by mikepower
Senior figures in the Labour party last night called on Tony Blair to abandon his presidential style of government, rein back on his most radical ambitions and name the date of his departure.

04 May 2005

Alice Miles: Blair X: no nosepeg needed

by mikepower
TWO ASSUMPTIONS, one right, one wrong. That the victory this time is Gordon Brown’s and not Tony Blair’s, and that power will begin to seep away from the Prime Minister the day after the election.

Polly Toynbee: Tony Blair's time is over

by mikepower
Even if Labour wins a sizable majority, Blair's time is over as the ground shifts fast beneath his feet; he is yesterday's man. By 2am on Friday morning, after the first flood of results, the only question in the television studios will be: when will he g

29 April 2005

INVESTIGATION: What’s truth got to do with it? - Peter Oborne

by mikepower
As his premiership has persisted, many of Tony Blair’s statements have ceased to be grounded in ordinary, practical, testable fact. It is as if he has departed on an epistemological adventure of his own;

26 April 2005

Bald truth about attracting voters

by mikepower
Some believe the fact that (Blair) has a fuller head of hair than his Conservative counterpart may tip a view floating voters mulling over the merits of Labour and the Tories his way.

25 April 2005

Kenneth Clarke: I left Gordon Brown a strong economy. He squandered it

by mikepower
Growth under Labour may be OK, but the national debt has rocketed

Financial Times: Roll-call of business leaders back Labour

by mikepower
Labour on Monday claimed the endorsement of a roll-call of industry leaders in an attempt to bolster its economic credentials, amid growing concern that it may raise business taxes after the election.

22 April 2005

Mick Hume:The real reason why it doesn't matter who you vote for

by mikepower
Unless...we try to create a new culture of human self-determination, then none of today's petty political debates and differences can make much of a difference to our destiny.

18 April 2005

Tim Hames - When Tony says he'll stay, he knows he's talking horse manure. So do we

by mikepower
Intelligent and otherwise reasonable politicians will do almost anything to acquire muck to chuck at their opponents. They know it is the wrong thing to do, but seemingly cannot help themselves.

08 April 2005

Mick Hume: Election 2005 We do have a choice

by mikepower
There is so little meaningful choice on offer in this election that many members of the public have already made the choice to ignore the campaign and not to bother voting. It is as if the election campaign were taking place in a parallel place

06 April 2005

It's the race issue, stupid: Alice Miles

by mikepower
If Labour wants to shake people out of their apathy, it simply can't ignore immigration and aslyum

Howard Tories learn lessons of Hague's 2001 campaign

by mikepower
Michael Howard embarked on a three-date tour yesterday as he launched the Conservative election campaign with a strong attack on the "smirking politics" of Tony Blair.

01 April 2005

Shoppers not citizens: Polly Toynbee joins Labour canvassers in Braintree

by mikepower
Do voters want clearer definition? No, they say they want things: bins emptied, blacks deported, asylum stopped, council tax abolished, GPs to home-visit more promptly, more of everything and less to pay for it.

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