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mobsaver - SMS price comparison tool

by LoftLab
Compare prices for FREE on Amazon and eBay while you're out shopping via text messaging.

BlueGears - voice over internet/broadband (VoIP) Speaker Phone

by macroron
Specially designed for simple connection with your laptop or computer via its USB port to make hands-free internet phone calls by using Instant Messengers or VoIP softphone. This is what you need for free phone/im voice calls. home: http://www.bluegears.c


[ MVOX ]

by macroron
a high quality and portable USB speakerphone with DSP voice processing technologies. It is designed for Internet telephony applications such as Instant Messenger or Voice over IP Softphone (e.g. Skype, Vonage, or Webex). The miniVox is the Ideal communica

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

by macroron & 6 others
uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want.

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