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18 February 2006

Woot: The Community Forums

by macroron
Discuss our daily products that you can't believe you stayed up for.

07 January 2006

BlackDog - offers open source developers an exciting new platform for mobilizing software applications. BlackDog represents a new breed of device that redefines what a ‘computer’ is. It can be programmed to carry your applications, data, web sites, de

by macroron
Develop applications and deploy them on BlackDog then launch and automatically project them onto a Windows XP host. Configure your BlackDog using our SDK, and the applications and interface will appear the same on many flavors of Linux. Design an interfac


by macroron
a free service to Open Source developers that are working on projects related to Project BlackDog. In order to get the most out of the Dogpound

24 December 2005

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