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23 June 2009 17:45

Stop Justifying RDF and RDFa | Bb RealTech

by tehu (via)

I did want to apologize for assuming that the XHTML errors I had recently were due to WhatWG members having fun at my expense. I've had people deliberately break my XHTML-based comments in the past when I've written about XHTML, and the break was documented with a screenshot in the web site of a WhatWG member. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5. (1/10/2009)

Anne VK est taquin (see via). -- Ceci dit j'admire Shelley pour maintenir ses sites en full xhtml + extensions > svg+rdfa. Mais Dieu que la route est difficile avec des navigateurs si peu adaptés. (Firefox et son yellow screen of death)

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