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5 Simple Steps On How To Debug A Bash Shell Script

by orieg
Learn how to quickly debug scripts in Bash with those 5 simple steps that use some of the Bash shell special properties.

What Is The Right Way To Loop In Bash?

by orieg
Looping over a list of numbers or words is a building block in shell scripts. Learn how to write Bash loops, including for loop, while loop, and until loop.

What Is The Best Way To Count Files In A Directory?

by orieg
Learn how to count the number of files in a directory using the Linux command line ls, find, and a native bash shell solution with globs and arrays.

5 Mistakes To Avoid For Writing High-Quality Bash Comments

by orieg
Adding comments in your Bash scripts is necessary to ensure maintainability over time. This post covers 5 Bash comments mistakes to avoid in your shell scripts.


Shell Tips !» Blog Archive » Delete old files by the last access date

by orieg
A case study about a scheduled method with a batch file for deleting some old files by their last access date on a Windows XP Workstation.


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