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May 2010

April 2010

PhotoCopy 1.0 mirrors iPhoto folders to Flickr | MacNN

by oseres (via)
24x7digital has introduced PhotoCopy 1.0, its new iPhoto to Flickr mirroring utility. The user selects albums in iPhoto for sharing and PhotoCopy then uploads the photos to Flickr and organizes them in matching sets. It also copies metadata like tittles, date and time, ratings, keywords and descriptions. A primary feature of the new software is its ability to mirror the iPhoto folder on Flickr; when images are added to a PhotoCopied folder, the changes are updated automatically on the same folder on Flickr. It also works in reverse, adding images to iPhoto as the Flickr folder changes. It will mirror changes including adding, deleting reordering or editing photos.

March 2010

February 2010

dbrec - Intelligent music recommendations for and from the Web of Data

by Xavier Lacot
dbrec is a new kind of recommender system, entirely based on Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies, providing recommendations for 39,000 artists from DBpedia (and consequently from Wikipedia) based on the relationships that they hold together, either directly (e.g. having played together) or indirectly (e.g. playing the same genre, sharing a common record label or even being associated in a particular cultural movement).

November 2009

October 2009

MyCast your digital media with Orb 2.0 remote pc access software

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Orb is an free file sharing program that allows you to share all of your stuff over the internet. All that needs to be done on your home computer is install the program and a simple indexing of your files. It’s evident you’ll want to monitor the latter – you don’t want all of your personal stuff to wind up on the internet. Once that’s done, you can access the data from any computer or other device with an internet connection.

August 2009 "file sharing made easy"

by ycc2106
Simply upload any file of any size for free and get back a link to that file good for 24 hours. Copy and paste the link anywhere and share it instantly via email, web page, instant message, status update, tweet, etc. Links are automatically shortened using

July 2009

ipernity O° (Partagez ce que vous voulez, avec qui vous voulez)

by groucho & 1 other
IPernity lève 1 M€ et fait son introduction sur le marché libre Edition du 21/07/2009 - par Miléna Nemec-Poncik La startup française IPernity (de la contraction entre IP et 'eternity') a fait hier son entrée par cotation directe sur le marché libre d'Euronext Paris après avoir levé un million d'euros le 15 juin dernier. Cette levée de fonds, réalisée auprès de 128 investisseurs particuliers, a pu se faire dans le cadre de la loi Tepa* (Travail, emploi et pouvoir d'achat).

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009

March 2009 - Upload and Share Your Files for Free

by ycc2106 & 4 others
The MyBloop architecture and infrastructure is currently built and optimized mainly for users in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Romania, Australia, New Zealand. We will be allowing more countries to sign up to MyBloop as we expand our presence around the world. We only allow countries to sign up once we setup MyBloop to be accessible with maximum performance from that area, which MyBloop users have come to expect from us. We're a growing company which needs to guarantee a certain level of quality and performance as we evolve. We apologize for any inconvenience. MyBloop will be available to more countries soon.

February 2009

Digg no longer the Favorite | I Do Info Tech

by greut

The data are illustrated below in the chart provided by ShareThis. The results are likely an accurate reflection of the various sharing services popularity on the web as a whole as ShareThis is extremely popular:

  • Email is by far most popular sharing service getting 57%.
  • Facebook is the second most popular sharing service at 21%
  • Digg has dropped significantly in popularity to 2%

How people share things using ShareThis. When are we gonna see XMPP coming?

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