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OpenProcessing - Exhibition Space for Processing Community

by oqdbpo & 2 others (via)
Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas, and it can be freely downloaded from You can find many tutorials and examples at learning. OpenProcessing is a 'flickr'ish place for processing community to share their sketches, comment on each other's pieces, etc..


FLAVORSHARE - Video Sharing With A Twist of Lime!

by johnski
Share your recipes and cooking videos with the world at! is a growing community that offers its users the opportunity to upload video instruction along with their text recipes. This service is also a fabulous resource for food industry professionals who want to create buzz for their cookbooks and cooking blogs. They can post videos, recipes, and html links back to their commercial sites. Sharing recipies has always been fun...but at FlavorShare we take it to a whole new level. This site is dedicated to sharing video recipies...starring YOU! It's easy! Simply upload videos of yourself preparing your favorite dishes and sharing your cooking secrets. It's fun, free, and very cool. Whether you are a master chef or just beginning we want to see your passion for food! Get started today and share your flavor with the world!


map2tag create and share your map. Tag and bookmark the world

by haderach88 & 3 others
Create you map. Share you cool places, tag and bookmark your favorite places, add flickr images and youtube videos. With map2tag you can integrate rss, podcast, flickr images, youtube video in your flag. You share your flags, post comments, send mail to other users


by jackiege & 1 other
关于梦想的社区网站A "community dream blog" where you can store, sort, search and share your dream journal with others.


by jackiege图片分享网站并个性化网页制作

Treemo - Welcome to Treemo

by jackiege & 1 other
via mashable可通过网站/邮件/手机上传图片/视频/音频/博客并组织内容/收藏最喜欢的内容/在手机上观看频道

RecipeThing: Your recipes, at your fingertips.

by jackiege & 2 others
let you organize your favorite recipes, share them with your friends, use them again and again./Lets you save, tag and share your own recipes. Use the menu planner to decide what's for dinner and print out a shopping list.

My Recipe: Let`s share recipes

by jackiege & 1 other
食谱分享煮菜社区Share your favorite food recipes with the community.

The Best Stuff in the World!

by slogoo & 17 others
世界上最好的东东?分类浏览,Tag浏览,RSS浏览。首先有感觉的是她的创意:发现共享最好的东东,几乎囊括了所有分类!最有感觉的是她的搜索框,很像 !

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