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Journaliste, Blogger, Pétasse et Photographe : MonsieurLâm ne sait plus quoi faire. » Archive du blog » LHOOQ

by greut

En attendant, lorsque je lis tous ces blogs et twits en manque de sexe, de câlins, de crapuleux, de pelles, d’aventures, d’excitation et d’affection, je me dis qu’il y a de quoi organiser une orgie douce et mémorable.

et moi et moi et moi...


Sex Myths That Can Ruin Even the Strongest Relationship

by F&L
There are many sex myths, that if followed blindly, can ruin even the strongest relationship.

Online Marriage: The Way Of The Future?

by YogSothoth (via)
Through an online matchmaking site, you've met someone new. You've cyber-dated for months and now you want to take the relationship to the next level, but you live two thousand miles apart. How to show your commitment to each other? How about an online marriage ceremony where you can invite all of your friends and family to witness your vows in a special cyber chapel?

Rencontres Paris

by easyref
Annonces de rencontres et services de rencontres sur Paris et la région Ile de France. Pour des rencontres 100% parisiennes !

chat and dating service

by qmpeople
A place where to find new people

Does Cheating End a Relationship?

by webbers
It depends. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

Why People Stay Single in a Family World?

by webbers
Being single is much better than being locked in an unhappy relationship.

The Love Triangle

by webbers & 1 other
How to deal with love triangles.


Where to Look For Love

by F&L
Some really cool, everyday places where to look for love. But we always miss them - probably because they are so everyday! :)


by supahoopsa
Welcome to Dr. Dating - one of the most complete sources on the Internet for advice and information on dating, relationships and love! Enjoy our wide range of resources specifically geared towards people searching for advice on finding someone special. Next, browse through our huge assortment of dating articles, an incredible selection of valuable FREE E-books, dating site reviews and reviews of the latest dating, relationship and sex books. Finally, when you are ready to jump into the dating game we have a comprehensive directory of some of the best dating, personals and singles associated web sites. Sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy your stay!

a true love story

by maxandcha
understand what is a true love story

a true love story

by maxandcha
understand what is a true love story and learn to be good

On Relationships

by brutemaster
"Stop making up stuff. The world is not against you. Men are simple! Remember that! Simple!" Hilarious blog by an Italian American on male-female issues



Paris-based label with international and local artists releasing electro hip hop, club hop, circus electronics, us grime, 8 bit. Our catalogue include tracks from Xerak (FR), Léonard de Léonard (FR), Apsci (US), Crunc Tesla(US), Computer Truck(FR), The deBug Tentative (FR), Electroménager(FR), dDamage (FR), Stacs of Stamina (SWE), Food for Animals (US), Scream Club (US), Ecoplan (FR) and more to come. We hold resident parties at Café Chéri(e) and Triptyque in Paris.

Savage Love by Dan Savage

by fireguy
A weekly sex column by Dan Savage

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