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Yolk - Trac

by pvergain
Yolk is a Python library and command-line tool for obtaining information about packages installed by setuptools and packages on PyPI (Python Package Index a.k.a. The Cheese Shop) Features ¶ * List eggs or packages installed by setuptools * Determine which packages are activated or not (--multi-version) * Examine package metadata * Show dependencies of packages if available * Query PyPI for various package information using XML-RPC interface Usage Examples ¶ yolk -n List only the non-activated (--multi-version) packages installed yolk -a List only the activated packages installed (Activated packages are normal packages on sys.path you can import) yolk -l -f License,Author Show the license and author for each installed package PyPI options: yolk -H twisted Launches your web browser at Twisted's home page yolk -M Paste 1.0 Show all the metadata for Paste version 1.0 yolk -M Paste Show all the metadata for each version of Paste listed on PyPi? yolk -D cheesecake Show all URL's for cheesecake packages you can download svn version: yolk -T source -D cheesecake Show only source code releases for cheesecake


fewer moving parts » Blog Archive » discovery using entry_points

by roberto (via)
EasyInstall is great, it automatically detects and installs all dependancies, but there are some other nifty things that you can do with it. Using the entry_points section of the, you can ‘register’ classes and functions, so they can be located later. Lets say you had a bunch of ‘plugins’ that you wanted dynamically find and load at runtime, with entry_points, it’s fun and easy.

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