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SOA is Dead

by nhoizey
SOA was supposed to reduce costs and increase agility on a massive scale. Except in rare situations, SOA has failed to deliver its promised benefits. After investing millions, IT systems are no better than before.


L'architecture orientée ressource pour faire des services web RESTful - Biologeek : Ubuntu, bio-informatique et geekeries libres d'un bio-informaticien au quotidien.

by nhoizey & 7 others
Le plus gros défaut de REST, c'est sûrement de se limiter à la comparaison des 4 verbes HTTP (GET, POST, PUT et DELETE) aux 4 actions possibles sur des données issues de bases de données (Retrieve, Create, Update et Delete soit CRUD)

» Another view: ‘Magic number’ for SOA services threshold is ‘nuts’ | Service-Oriented Architecture |

by nhoizey
an opinion that '50' seems to be the threshold at which Web services may require some better care and feeding, with governance, registry, management, and all that good stuff


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