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Stubbing External Services in Rails - Semaphore

by Spone
Learn how to stub external services when testing your Ruby on Rails application.



Mobile App Marketing Services & Consulting

by leadnleadcom
LeadnLead is a Mobile App Marketing Services & Consulting Company.

Top 10 Startups Built on Docker | CTL-C Blog

by Spone
Docker is a new technology gold rush. Docker, Inc. just raised another $15M in venture capital, and It seems like a new Docker-based projects and startups seem to pop up every week. I wanted to highlight 10 of them that have caught my eye lately. I will group them to highlight what each startup focus on, but many of them do multiple things.


Stootie : les petites annonces de services en temps réel sur mobile

by lang
La plateforme accessible depuis les terminaux mobiles permet de mettre les gens en relation pour effectuer diverses missions.

Asset Optimization & Tracking System for Oil & Gas Industry

by AlexBlair - Tech27 Systems is a technology solutions provider and engineering service company that uses advance computer systems, to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

engineering design prototyping

by AlexBlair
Tech27 Systems is a technology solutions provider and engineering service company that uses advance computer systems, to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry. <a href="">oil and gas consultants</a>

Take Advantage of Search Engine Marketing Services

by aurelius123
Search Engine Marketing Service helps to bring more prospects to your business by improving your website ranking. It will help your website to view by millions of viewers that boost your online reputation.

B&B Accommodation in Montesilvano and Pescara

by VillaGrace
Villa Grace Tombolato provides exclusive villa accommodation services with B&B facility in Montesilvano and Pescara. Our villa rooms are quite spacious, elegantly decorated and comfortable. They are specifically designed to meet the demands of all kinds of guests. is free of charge and is expanding its services

by lang
If you liked the service, which allows you to quickly create your card online, you will love the new version of even more.

Feedly prend le relais de Google Reader

by lang
RSS une véritable guerre de succession entre les services concurrents. Parmi ceux-ci, Feedly pourrait bien se tailler la part du lion.

Petite annonce de service

by smadaleno
Le site est un site de mise en relation entre des personnes qui proposent des services et ceux qui en recherchent. Il s'agit d'une place de marché spécialisé dans les services. Un groupe n'a besoin que de deux choses pour constituer une tribu, un intérêt commun et une façon de communiquer. permet donc à la première tribu des prestataires de proposer des services et de développer leur visibilité en déposant une simple annonce. D'autres parts, les utilisateurs et les personnes qui recherchent des prestataires de services peuvent contacter les prestataires sans intermédiaires par mail ou par téléphone.


Car washing Services Melbourne

by PrideDetailing
Pride detailing are specialist in Professional Car detailing and repair services. At Pride Detailing, we offer mobile car detailing services inside the radius of 20Km from Berwick and Pakenham near the Melbourne area. We offer various auto repair services to our clients like Car washing services, car cleaning, car polishing and many more. For more information please visit us at:

B&B Rooms Montesilvano

by VillaGrace
Villa Grace Tombolato provides exclusive modern and refined B&B rooms services in Montesilvano of Pescara in Italy. Villa Grace Tombolato is best Villa accommodation place in Italy for a seaside holiday in summer. For more information Please visit us at-


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