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Funchain: The Semantic Social Network

by gweb
[EN] Funchain is an online service for creating FriendBlogs

Bloki's home page

by gweb
[EN] Bloki integrates Web hosting, blogs, forums, and online collaboration


by gweb & 7 others
[EN] Mobile Community, Microcontent Publishing, Mobile Site Builder, Moblogging


by gweb & 17 others
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mBlog - blog anywhere

by gweb
[Shut Down] 免费Blog服务

by gweb & 1 other



Winserv (@Sw4me)

by HandySolo
Winserv is an utility that can create an NT service that runs any application. When the application exits, the service becomes stopped. It is also able to manage local and remote NT services that were not created by winserv.

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