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23 October 2009

by ycc2106
Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau... url shortener domain email redirection service

20 October 2009 - What's your story?

by ycc2106 & 4 others
must say, this is really a good url

by ycc2106
centralize many websites: twitter, facebook, mysoace, devinart, reddit, delicious ... Register today to create your very own e-card.

Yokaboo is a simple way to create your own independent store in seconds. Yokaboo provides a free online shop platform for artists, designers and traders.

by ycc2106
Claims that it will let you “create your own independent store in seconds and take over the world”. -Website to create your virtual shop You can have your free store forever, no strings attached. And if you decide you want to use more of Yokaboo's features, you can upgrade any time you like. For this, billing is monthly and you can cancel whenever you want.

19 October 2009

16 October 2009

IntuitionHQ, make website usability testing part of every website project

by ycc2106
Create tests like: Click where you think will lead you to... and ask ppl to do the test. Service will record the click and show them in a heatmap

11 October 2009

10 October 2009

08 October 2009

Yotify - My Scouts

by ycc2106
enables to keep track of blogs, search results, events....

livedoor ニュース - BLOGOS - 読むべきブログ、見つかる 分かる

by oqdbpo
ちまたの旬な話題から、日本の未来像を問うテーマまで。 いま読んでおきたいネット発のコラムを、『livedoor ニュース』が厳選ピックアップ

01 October 2009


by oqdbpo

30 September 2009

True size - the next standard in product visualization

by ycc2106
True Size’ is developing a service whereby full-scale pictures of products that can be bought at any store are displayed at their actual size. The objective of this solution is a clear one: increasing the satisfaction of customers by providing them with an accurate impression of what to expect if they place an order through the http://WWW. True size ends with a consumer's need to visit a regular (offline) shop to see what a product really looks like. This in turn will boost any web shop's conversion rates

29 September 2009

24 September 2009


by ycc2106
aggregate emails in a centralized spot. Users can have up to 6 mailboxes, and multiple email accounts can be checked with a single sign-on. Messages are stored not only permanently but also automatically – that is, no need to synchronize anything manually.

Rseven - Mobile Backup and Sync Service

by ycc2106
Rseven archives all the data recorded by your phone into a website. As your phone documents your daily activities, Rseven website shows your life journey in a timeline and displays the strength of your relationships with the people that you communicate with". Rseven mobile client on the phone collects the data from the phone and uploads them to the website. The Rseven mobile client also synchronizes the phone's contacts

22 September 2009

ZoomWit Mail

by ycc2106
supports high quality Video, Audio, Rich Text and SMS message formats.

21 September 2009

18 September 2009

小さな積み重ね管理ツール tsuduketer(つづけたー)!

by oqdbpo
このサイトは何? * tsuduketer(つづけたー)はtwitterを使った、小さな積み重ね管理ツールです。 * twitterで@tsuduketerとつぶやくと何をいつやったかを記録し、グラフなどを作成します。【詳しい説明】 * twitterで読書記録のできる読んだ4!にインスピレーションを受けています。 * つぶやきの収集には約10分ぐらいかかります。。 * tsuduketerは小さな積み重ねの力を信じるあなたを応援します。

14 September 2009 >> shorten your bacon links

by ycc2106
“ is a bacon-related link shortener that can be used on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to integrate links to things you're trying to show your friends. If you sign up for a account and create your own links we'll even tell you how many times people are clicking on those links.”

10 September 2009

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