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by ycc2106
centralize many websites: twitter, facebook, mysoace, devinart, reddit, delicious ... Register today to create your very own e-card.


by ycc2106
Publish, Discuss, Socialize. Create your own community. Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis and Forums made easy. And it's free.

socialmod - social media moderation

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Socialmod makes moderating User Generated Content (UGC) easy. Use our service to moderate text, images, videos and Twitter.

Knol Help - a knol by Knol Help

by ycc2106
Knol makes it easy for you to write and share your knowledge with the world.

Welcome | quub is a new way of using status

by ycc2106
quub focuses on a type of status update that we call micro-presence. Micro-presence is more private and it is appropriate for a smaller, closer group of contacts. It conveys personal, presence related information, including location, current activity, and availability. “Where are you?” and “What are you doing?” are two questions that micro-presence commonly answers. Everything about quub, from the user interface to privacy settings, makes frequently updating your status line with presence information fast, easy, and useful.

Showcase | Picli - Photo Sharing

by ycc2106
between flickr and digg - and a bit like wiki ( guidelines, license, photo stats info...)




by ycc2106
Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook...Fuser is the coolest way to unify your mail from multiple accounts. View your mail and social networking messages in one convenient location. It's easy and secure.

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Qui je suis à travers qui j'ai envie de renontrer. Une sorte de portait chinois.



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