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BabelZilla - Home

by ycc2106
This site is dedicated to provide localizations: developers (or their representative) upload their extension(s) using the Web Translation System (WTS), then volunteer translators around the world provide localization for free.


Litmus: Painlessly test your email and website designs

by nhoizey & 9 others
Litmus shows you precisely how your designs will be seen by your customers. We deliver screenshots of your web sites and email newsletters in seconds across all popular platforms.

2007 - shorten that long URL into a Tiny URL

by CharlesNepote & 57 others
"Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you've come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires. [...]"

2006 | Thank you for your Attention!

by slogoo & 3 others
ROOT.net是一个很新的概念的网站! 其核心思想是, 上网用户可以在自己使用的电脑上安装一个"Recorder"(记录器), 这个记录器可以跟踪上网用户在浏览器上的一切行为. 当然你可以关掉这个"记录器"的

Yakalike: Chat with others visiting the same site

by ycc2106 & 12 others
What is yakalike? - A Firefox extension that lets you chat with other users visiting the same site.


Store files with Gmail File Space

by samyboy & 2 others
Gmail File Space (aka Gspace) is a Firefox extension that adds an FTP-style interface to your Gmail account, allowing you to use it like a hard drive or server of sorts.

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