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Connaitre les urls bannies par Google

by Giraultises (via)
XPELO est un logiciel qui vous permettra de prendre connaissance des urls bannies par le célèbre moteur de recherche Google. - How does your website score?

by ycc2106
Type in a domain name and find out how a website scores. ScoreInTheBox uses a unique formula consists of variables, such as PageRank, backlinks and popularity to calculate a score for each website entered. We provide a place where you can learn more about your and your competitor websites so that you know how you can effectly optimize your website. Furthermore you can also show off your score on your website by embedding the scoreboard into your website.



by blogsir


#1148 (URL propres arborescentes) - SPIP - Trac

by nhoizey
Enfin des URL propres arborescentes génériques avec SPIP !

Google change les règles du référencement : l'underscore est un séparateur de mots ! - Le Potlatch

by daxlebo
Google l'a annoncé : l'underscore devient un séparateur de mots dans les adresses de pages Web, au même titre que les tirets. C'est un changement de rien du tout, probablement futile pour la plupart des habitants de la planète, mais ça va sans doute créer un chamboulement dans certains secteurs d'activités en ligne hautement concurrentiels.

Link Doctor

by goomain (via)
Link Doctor is a link-exchange manager that periodically checks your reciprocal links and acts when something went wrong. How many times did it happen to you that you've exchanged links with another website and later you discovered that the link to your website disappeared? Link Doctor will cure this problem!

tout le gratuit du net : Gratuit : free 301url Permanant SEO Friendly URL Redirection

by blasco
Gratuit : free 301url Permanant SEO Friendly URL Redirection labs.301url is where you can find add-ons and extensions to help you make the most out of 301url.



by ycc2106
See your website like a Search Engine sees it.

SEOmoz Page Strength

by ycc2106

Calculate links PageRanks

by ycc2106

Yahoo! Submit Your Site - Blog RSS

by ycc2106 & 2 others
RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3, compressed.txt.gz list of URLs. Login to Yahoo required

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