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KPMRS -Website position and keyword ranking tool

by ycc2106 & 1 other
What is KPMRS? KPMRS is a website rank monitoring services on various search engines for multiple keywords. It tracks the website position for keywords or phrases for a specific URL on Google, Yahoo, Bing and provides a comprehensive report on overall performance and position variation over time, in a nice graphical format. Who is it for? KPMRS is a perfect SEO tool developed by SEO professionals for fellow SEO professionals, search engine marketers and website owners. We understand how important it is to know where your website ranks in various search engines. We felt the need, we provided the solution ! Feel free to start using it now.


6 FREE Tools To Get The Best Keywords For Your Site |

by simon_bricolo
tools which can help you research different keywords specific to your site and optimize the site.

Keyword Research

by manmac00
Platinum keywords is a good windows tool to find what people are searching for on the net, what are the most popular keywords used on the search engines

How To Make Your Blog More Comprehensive Through Keyword Research

by blogsir
利用 Google's Keyword Tool 使博客获得更多的关键词搜索


Google AdWords: Keyword Tool

by springnet & 28 others
The Keyword Tool generates potential keywords for your ad campaign and reports their Google statistics, including search performance and seasonal trends.


AOL Keyword Searches

by ycc2106 & 1 other
AOL has released search data to the public. This page searches over 36 Million records. The results are grouped by keyword and the resulting Users, Queries and Sites are the sum of the distinct count.

SEO : Les générateurs de mots clés .rico {}

by .rico
Voici un liste des principaux générateurs de mots clés (keywords generator) utile à tout bon référenceur ...

The Ten Commandments of Keyword Selection

by nhoizey
ten keyword selection commandments to help keep you on track

Choosing and Researching Keywords, concluded

by nhoizey
In this article, I will continue talking about tools to use for keyword selection. In particular, I will cover some of the caveats to keep in mind when using these tools. I will also cover, to some degree, ways to calculate the potential performance of your keywords. Finally, I'll approach the issue of analytics, or tracking your performance on your chosen keywords.

Choosing and Researching Keywords

by nhoizey
Choosing and researching good keywords is a process that takes several steps. I won't have the room to cover all of the steps completely in this article, so I will cover the rest in a subsequent article. Basically, the process goes through four stages

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