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Squidoo Lens Directories

by access2
Thanks to Diggit-clone software, a lot of rankable directories are appearing, including some exclusively for Squidoo lenses. They're great places to promote your lenses. Many thanks to the lensmasters featured here for bringing them to my attention.


Multiple Blogs– Wordpress Direct Review

by jbshort
Wordpress Direct is a new product in a long line of automated Internet marketing systems that seem to be in vogue now. My guess is that these automated systems are popular because there are so many new marketers who are trying to quickly get their piece of the pie.

Do-it-yourself SEO and SEO Project Management | SoloSEO

by springnet
@mdjensen 's seo page. Michael is from St George Utah and is an entrepreneur and twitter tool maker. for events like SXSW and

SEO for your Wordpress Blog

by springnet & 4 others
This plugin is streamlined for some best practices for Wordpress SEO. While it gives you many options the defaults reflect the settings I recommend using.

Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger

by springnet & 19 others
Here’s a quick AdSense tip that could make you some good money. AdSense offers two rectangle ad unit sizes - 300×250 pixels and 336×280 pixels.

See What A News Blog Is - What Are Appropriate Contents For A news Blog At BloggingTruths.Com - A Blog On Blogging - SEO - Making Money Online And Websites

by bhartzer
This in a piece of information on how to manage a News Blog like Voxant Newsroom Blog which consists of latest amp; variety of news/ events/ stuffs/ columns on world amp; US written by their top editors. Also included are editorials like expert opinions, columns as in news papers or news site. So we take that blog as example while discussing with news blog amp;w hat content should it have.


8 Free Links to Promote a Blog

by blogsir

Website Development: 6 Must-have Pages - Building Content - SoftwareProjects

by springnet
For the sake of your (search engine) Quality Score, (human) Credibility and (financial) bottom line, there are exactly six pages your site must include.


by lukeslytalker
Reddit - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About It » 10e20 - Search, Design & Social

Drown by Debt

by ieee1294
A personal blog, similar to nevblog, that's tracking my fighting and getting out of debt. Includes tips and other information on how I'm fighting it, as well as resources that I use to educate myself on debt. Also includes other personal and business related issues.

Instant SEO With Anchor Text

by Sueblimely
Make Money Online using anchor text on blogs

25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines

by blogsir & 6 others
1) Dump The Default Template - Looks Count! 2) Just Say No To Bad Color Schemes 3) RSS Me! 4) Offer RSS & Feed Subscription Buttons 5) Offer Posts Via Email 6) Decide On Full Or Partial Feeds 7) Write Compelling Snippets/Descriptions 8) Pay Attention to How You Write. 9) Spelling Counts 10) Fontography Counts 11) Don't Forget Navigation 12) How Fast is Your Host? 13) Avoid Widget Overload! 14) Have Descriptive Titles 15) Look at your Cascading Style Sheets. 16) Post Often 17) Spread the Link Love 18) Be Aware of Your Anchor Text 19) Create Unique Stories 20) Use a Related Posts Plugin 21) Ping Other Sites 22) Buy Your Own Domain Name 23) Manage Your Trackback & Comment Spam 24) Use a Good URL Structure 25) Use Great Categories

SEO Benefits from Blogs

by toprank
Specific examples of how blogs can help a web site's rankings and traffic from major search engines.

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