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ITDock17 - Internet-Agentur für erfolgreiches Online-Marketing

by MobilMan
Die Internet-Agentur "ITDock 17" mit Sitz in Hamburg bietet Beratung rund um die Themen "Online-Marketing und Webseitengestaltung". Beim Online-Marketing liegt die Expertise auf den Bereichen: SEO/SEM, Affiliate-Marketing/Partnerprogramme und Newsletter-Marketing. Beim Thema "Webseitengestaltung" auf den Bereichen: Gestaltung, Usability, Tracking, Pflegbarkeit, Wirtschaftlichkeit (Kosten/Nutzen) und Suchmaschinen-Optimierung.


Foreign Language Courses on Downloadable Audio Books - New Niche Site Building Tool

by audiobookspick
Learning a foreign language can be quite tedious, and many certainly still remember the old way of getting the vocabulary into your head by boring repetition…. and it would still not really stick. Using an Audio Book to immerse yourself in a lang... (snip) build a niche site for foreign language courses that contains 100 sales pages and will, over the next few weeks be enhanced by a few more pages with articles and a link page. It took me less than a day from research to uploading these pages to the web server and going live.

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