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12 April 2005

David Galbraith - Tagging and the Semantic Web

by smudie & 2 others
Tagging, i.e. on-the-fly user generated keyword categorization looks like it is becoming the standard way to categorize weblog content, replacing things like fixed pre-set categories.

25 February 2005 Technology | Steal this bookmark!

by Morgaine & 4 others
Tagging as it is used at some of the Web's most interesting and lively new sites is launching a revolution of self-organization on the Internet. You could call it the latest twist in the ongoing evolution of social networking software. Except there's a difference: On social networking sites like Orkut or Friendster, people join, and then declare their alliances to each other explicitly. On sites that employ tagging, the networks emerge, implicitly, out of the shared interests of users. Order isn't proclaimed, it just happens.

19 February 2005 1.0 - Free online bookmarks with so much more...

by Morgaine & 13 others
Spurl’s mission is to help people store, organize, share and retrieve the information that matters to them.

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