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Nantes ouverture des données: Accueil

by Xavier Lacot
Nantes ouvre ses données, une superbe initiative que la plupart des villes devraient suivre ! Très bonen idée !

DataSF - Liberating City Data

by Xavier Lacot
The City of San Francisco too, decided to publish several Datasets. DataSF is a central clearinghouse for datasets published by the City & County of San Francisco. The site allows to find datasets in several ways: general search, tags/keywords, categories, and rating. The goal is to improve access to city data through open machine-readable formats. Anyway, there does not seem to be any SPARQL endpoint or any other semantic expression of the exposed datasets... Maybe in a future iteration?


How to publish Linked Data on the Web

by Xavier Lacot
A step-by-step guide which covers all the required steps before publishing data on the Web in a semantic way

dbrec - Intelligent music recommendations for and from the Web of Data

by Xavier Lacot
dbrec is a new kind of recommender system, entirely based on Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies, providing recommendations for 39,000 artists from DBpedia (and consequently from Wikipedia) based on the relationships that they hold together, either directly (e.g. having played together) or indirectly (e.g. playing the same genre, sharing a common record label or even being associated in a particular cultural movement).


Tim Berners-Lee speaks on Linked Data (1)

by Xavier Lacot
Tim Berners-Lee's talk at TED 2009 conference slides, about Linked Data.



How to publish Linked Data on the Web?

by Xavier Lacot
There is already a lot of structured data accessible on the Web through Web 2.0 APIs such as the eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google Base APIs. Compared to these APIs, Linked Data has the advantage of providing a single, standardized access mechanism instead of relying on diverse interfaces and result formats.

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