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New Chrome security policy: powerful features will be removed on insecure origins

by srcmax & 1 other
Google recently announced a security policy change that will impact future versions of the Chrome browser. Chrome is already warning that support to powerful features on insecure origins (HTTP) is deprecated, and according to recent announcements the removal will take place soon.

The impact of Google’s new Chrome security policy on WebRTC | TokBox Blog

by srcmax
After we published this post Google announced that they are pushing back the release date of the HTTPS security change. They’re estimating that it will now be released to production in December 2015.

Deprecating Powerful Features on Insecure Origins - The Chromium Projects

by srcmax (via)
As with gradually marking HTTP as non-secure, we expect to gradually migrate these features to secure-only, based on thresholds of usage, starting with lowest usage and moving towards higher. We also expect to gradually indicate in the UX that the features are deprecated for non-secure origins.


Ettercap Home Page

by Xavier Lacot & 6 others
Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for leading man in the middle attacks.


Google+ Gets a “+1″ for Browser Security

by marco
Set-Cookie Secure, Set-Cookie HttpOnly, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection


Je suis content d'utiliser CertPatrol - - Les trucs qui m'énervent -

by ghis
Explication d'un problème de sécurité : un CA racine peut distribuer des certificats intermédiaires permettant aux organisations de substituer les certificats et déchiffrer le traffic HTTPS. La solution pour le détecter : utiliser des extensions comme CertPatrol.


The Problem With HTTPS SSL Runs Deeper Than MD5

by marco
To move forward, we first need to acknowledge that the current HTTPS SSL mechanism is completely broken.


httpS的春天?! - CNBlog: Blog on Blog

by nickcheng & 1 other (via)
不能访问的网站可以加个"S"试试! 无奈啊! 逼着我安全!

Security Changes in Macromedia Flash Player 7

by marco & 1 other
sendandload HTTPS : If a non-HTTPS server serves the movie, but the movie downloads data from an HTTPS server - add the secure="false" attribute to your allow-access-from tag

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