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Google Squared

by claire_ & 1 other
Google Squared is a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web for any topic you specify. * Facts about your topic are organized as a table of items and attributes (we call them "Squares" for fun). * Customize these Squares to see just the items and attributes you're interested in. * See the websites that served as sources for the information in your Square. * Save and share Squares with others.



The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

by Mal Burns & 5 others (via)
Google is king - we all know that! But sometimes it isn't quite what you want for the job. This piece lists the best alternatives and includes a review of many of them. Useful.


artists and

by jlesage & 1 other
extended visual, biographical, and textual database of 20th Century and contemporary visual artists


by jlesage & 2 others
"ShopWiki actively crawls more than 180,000 online stores to ensure you’ll find the products you want at the best prices." For a class looking at web2.0 apps, it's the kind of thing students would enjoy playing with.

Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need

by jlesage & 9 others
how to refine a topic and its searches; updated for web 2.0 and specialty searching; good for anyone starting to do Internet research on a topic and will take you to some previously unused search tools

TeacherSource | . Tag - You're Delicious! | PBS

by jlesage
may 06 discussion of how delicious works; useful overview and collection of comments. PBS teachersouce is also worth visiting from time to time

ArtLex Art Dictionary

by jlesage & 3 others
search, arranged in alphabetical order, large number of terms

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