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This is what comes after search - Quartz

by sbrothier
Search is, in essence, a command-line interface for the web. Command-line interfaces are what came before the “graphical user interface” popularized by the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, and they’re popular among the engineers who actually build the web. So it’s no surprise that the world’s first universal interface for the web was, after all, simply a box into which you type some text, and can even append operators like “” or “filetype:pdf.”


How Search Works - The Story – Inside Search – Google

by sbrothier & 2 others
Search. It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye. Explore the art and science that makes it possible.


Topsy - Instant social insight

by sbrothier & 6 others
Make better decisions. Analyze billions of conversations in realtime.



Top 10 Ways to Find Better Answers Online (that Aren't Google)

by ghis
How to find information in other places than Google.


Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.

by sbrothier & 4 others
We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.

Yahoo committed seppuku today

by marco
"Oh, you like my house and you're willing to pay double what I paid for it? Did I mention I just redid the kitchen, bought the lot next door and put in a newHVAC system?" How much is it worth to you now? That's gangster CEO-level poker playing

It's Finally Official, Microsoft & Yahoo Make A Deal, Yahoo Gives Up On Search

by marco
Microsoft will acquire an exclusive 10 year license to Yahoo!’s core search technologies, and Microsoft will have the ability to integrate Yahoo! search technologies into its existing web search platforms

It's Official: Microsoft and Yahoo Announce Search Deal

by marco
Énorme : "In a taped video statement Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer argues that the agreement will bring choice back to consumers"


Google lance une application Voix-Recherche pour l’iPhone

by sbrothier
La reconnaissance vocale reste le Graal de la Technologie et Google se lance à sa conquête. A partir d’aujourd’hui, les utilisateurs d’iPhone peuvent télécharger une application qui leur permet de poser une question et de recevoir en quelques secondes une réponse. L’application fonctionne en enregistrant votre voix puis la question remonte jusqu’aux serveurs de Google, les données sont analysées et les résultats sont renvoyés. Ces résultats ne sont pas encore parfaits mais l’application est en phase d’apprentissage et intègre les techniques de recherches progressivement; d’ici peu tout pourrait être quasi parfait. La vidéo:


by dzc & 12 others
image search engine. Search the web for images using an imag

compfight / a flickr™ search tool

by sbrothier & 8 others
Tags vs Text. Tags are keywords. If your "tags only" results are weak use less words or use "all text" to rummage through titles and descriptions. Tab Me Turn your popups on. Safari users can hold the "command" key when clicking thumbnails to invoke tabbing. Tabbing is tight. Blue Bars Bars indicate flickr™ is holding an original. Lingering your cursor over a bar will display the pixel dimensions. Creative Commons Checking this box restricts your search to the Creative Commons library. Use the "commercial" setting to hunt for commercially usable assets. Seek Original If you want nothing but blue bars change the Seek Original switch to "only." Turn the feature completely off when you intend to wander around flickr™. Safe Search Do not disable the Safe Search unless you're of legal age, in a legal country, promise not to tell your mom, etc. About Fashioned by Ryan & Bryan with glue sticks and rubber bands. They love advertising. Direct only good things to: Legal Compfight is not affiliated with flickr™ but makes good use of the flickr™ API. Always double check your CC license(s) before use. Please respect the rights of all content creators. Godspeed. © 2008 Compfight

Sindice semantic index

by Xavier Lacot
Sindice, indexing millions of RDF documents


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