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by lunar & 5 others
For example, if you search for "biotechnology" in a typical search engine, you get hundreds of entries for biotech corporations. In activista, the same search returns pages of people working to expose the dangers of biotechnology.

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Searching the Web and Beyond provides several sources of information with a customized multi-column interface. The list of available sources appears as buttons on the right side of the search results page. Clicking on any button opens a new column on the same page (clicking the button again will close that column). You can adjust the size of the columns by dragging the borders to the left or right [learn more]. The arrangement of open columns and their relative sizes is automatically kept for the next search.


WhatTheFont : MyFonts

by sbrothier & 91 others
Ever wanted to have a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using the WhatTheFont font recognition system. Upload a scanned image of the font and we'll show you the closest matches in our database!


SEOmoz | Beginner`s Guide to SEO

by maitrewong & 15 others
Beginner`s Guide to Search Engine Optimization<br /> <br /> This guide provides a complete overview of many of the processes, techniques and strategies used by professional search engine optimization specialists.

Keotag - tag search multiple engines, tag generator and social bookmark links generator

by maitrewong & 4 others
un outil orienté "recherche sociale" qui permet de choisir son outil de recherche parmi un certain nombre, présentés en liste sous le formulaire de recherche après avoir saisi le mot clé : Tecnorati, Blinklist,, Furl, Digg, etc.

by maitrewong
In-extenso est un moteur de recherche spécialisé en sciences humaines et sociales. Il explore une partie sélectionnée de la Toile mondiale.

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