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Internal Hard Drives

by wiliamau
Seagate and Maxtor range of desktop and laptop hard drives including the Barracuda, Momentus and DiamondMax series. Check out the specifications within.


Hard drive recovered from shuttle Columbia used to complete experiment

by xibe
"The 400MB Seagate drive was originally thought to be destroyed, but workers and engineers reconstructing the orbiter from the remaining debris found it during the process and sent it off for recovery, where 99 percent of the data was extracted."


Combo Review: SEAGATE 400GB PATA ST3400632A-RK & BYTECC ME-835U2 (SILVER) Aluminum USB2.0 Dual Fans

by acquiringthetaste (via)
review and instructions for use of seagate 400gb 16mb cache hard drive and bytecc aluminum 3.5 inch dual fan usb 2.0 external enclosure.

The First Giant 750 GB Hard Disk From Seagate

by vulturu
The hard disk drive has a short and fascinating history. In 24 years it evolved from a monstrosity with fifty two-foot diameter disks holding just five Megabytes, 5 million bytes of data to today’s drives measuring 3/12 inches wide and an inch high, or smaller, holding 400 Gigabytes or 400 billion bytes.

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