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May 2007

November 2006

Introducing Service Data Objects for PHP

by clochix
Service Data Objects (SDOs) are designed to simplify and unify the way applications handle data. Using SDOs, application programmers can uniformly access and manipulate data from heterogeneous data sources, including relational databases, XML data sources, Web services, and other such enterprise information systems.

August 2006

January 2006

PHP: Fonctions SDO - Manual

by Ganf
Objets de données avec PDO : SDO

November 2005

developerWorks : Blogs : phpblog@developerWorks

by nhoizey (via)
The slides give an overview of the main concepts behind SDOs, followed by a few scenarios showing how to use them to work with relational and XML data

August 2005

Zend Technologies - PECL Tutorials - Introducing Service Data Objects for PHP

by nhoizey (via)
Service Data Objects (SDOs) have been around in the Java technology world since November 2003. They are designed as a means of simplifying and unifying working with heterogeneous data sources. In February 2005, IBM and Zend announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development and support of the PHP environment. One aspect of this collaboration has been the definition and implementation of SDOs for PHP. This article gives an overview of SDOs and the motivations for using them in the PHP environment. A simple contact management scenario is used to illustrate key concepts.

July 2005 Service Data Objects for PHP extension

by nhoizey (via)
IBM travaille vraiment avec Zend à l'amélioration de PHP, ça fait plaisir !

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