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December 2009

ScrnShots: Share your inspiration

by nhoizey & 7 others
"ScrnShots is the best way to take, find, and share screenshots of web and screen based design."

November 2009

October 2009

thumbalizr - thumb your webpages

by ycc2106 & 1 other
what's the differece between screen and page? ..for a URL

September 2009

browser shots

by topdos & 162 others, 1 comment
Browsershots réalise des captures d'écran du design de votre site dans différents navigateurs. C'est un service en ligne open-source et gratuit créé par Johann C. Rocholl. Quand vous soumettez votre adresse internet, elle est ajoutée à la file d'attente. Un certain nombre d'ordinateurs ouvriront votre site internet dans leur navigateur. Ils feront donc des captures d'écran et les enverront sur ce serveur central.

August 2009

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009

March 2009

Free and Paid Thumbnails for Websites

by Spone
Picoshot offers thumbnails for free at 120x90 pixels. To put these thumbnails in your site, you will simply customize the code below and paste it into your web page or application: No registration. No fees. No limits.

February 2009

January 2009

Layers | Screen forensics

by antoine
Capture your displays as a Photoshop layered image Don't waste time capturing each window separately, importing them in your favorite PSD editor, naming the layers, positioning the images, etc. Do it with Layers in no time! Press the capture hotkey or customize your capture in the inspector. You'll obtain a full fledged PSD file with one layer per window, including menu and desktop icons, dock and menubar.

Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations

by Spone & 19 others
Jing is free software that adds visuals to your online conversations. Instead of typing at people, show them what you're talking about...pronto.