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November 2005

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Screen grab! - All Releases

by nhoizey & 1 other (via)
Screengrab saves entire webpages as images. Just install it, make sure Java is configured (Java absolutely necessary), and right-click on a page. You can save the entire page as an image (it scrolls around the page taking shots and stitches it together), just the visible portion, or the browser window. For examples take a look at the homepage.


by maddi & 162 others, 1 comment
A dream come true (but still in beta)...

Paparazzi! Website screenshots.

by maddi & 17 others, 1 comment
Utile per preparare screenshot di pagine lunghe.

MissionStatement - Browsershots - Trac

by Krome & 1 other (via)
Une alternative libre et gratuite à BrowserCam, pas encore aussi efficace, mais ça peut dépanner...

MissionStatement - Browsershots - Trac

by nhoizey & 1 other
Une alternative libre et gratuite à BrowserCam, pas encore aussi efficace, mais ça peut dépanner...


by Krome & 1 other (via)
Un logiciel qui affiche le rendu d'un site selon le navigateur, la version, la résolution...

October 2005


by nhoizey & 1 other
url2bmp est un freeware Windows qui transforme une URL en une image

September 2005 : Accueil - Captures d'écran de bureaux libres - Screenshots linux et autres logiciels libres

by Riduidel & 3 others
You can find on this site the most complete database of Free Desktop Screenshots, including Linux and most of the Free and Open Source applications. This site is also free : it's non-lucrative and has one only goal : Show what a Free Desktop can look l


by Riduidel
Screenshot capture forrit o.fl. fyrir MacOS


by _mike & 162 others, 1 comment (via)
Open source browser shots of your website

andy » ScreenGrab (0.5!)

by julie & 10 others
The screengrab plugin takes screenshots of webpages in the following 3 ways. 1. Capture the browser window (boring, I can do that with print-screen) 2. Capture the visible portion of the browser window (still boring) 3. Capture the entire document being viewed The screenshots are saved as PNGs wherever you want them.

August 2005

Snippy -

by nhoizey (via)
Voici la façon la plus simple de faire une capture d'écran

July 2005

Screenshot Generator on Safari, MacIE and Mozilla for Macintosh

by lilolipop & 15 others
Contrôler la qualité de votre site sur MAC! Belle mise en forme pour un outil de développeurs ;-)

Captures - Browsershots

by nhoizey
Captures d'écran de Gastero Prod dans différents navigateurs

June 2005


by tbeaumanoir & 1 other
Screen capture and Remote Access service for cross platform compatibility testing and HTML design quality assurance.