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Divvy |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
allows you to quickly and efficiently "divvy up" your screen into exact portions

shiftit - Project Hosting on Google Code

by simon_bricolo
This application will let you resize and move your windows without having to using a mouse. Following are some of things you can do with the Shift It: * Shift the focused window to left/right/top/bottom half of the screen. * Resize the focused window to fill the whole screen. * Move the focused window to the center of the screen. Shift It is a great tool that lets you organize your windows. Now you can read documents side-by-side without having the pain of manually resizing the windows.


SizeUp |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
SizeUp allows you to quickly position a window to fill exactly half the screen (splitscreen), a quarter of the screen (quadrant), full screen, or centered via the menu bar or configurable system-wide shortcuts (hotkeys).


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