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U.S. Trade Representative’s Report on Foreign Trade Barriers Criticizes French Government for Refusal to Renew Contract with Scientologist-Owned Software Company

by jamesp (via)
Quote: For the first time, the U.S. Trade Representative has cited France in its 2002 National Trade Estimate on Foreign Trade Barriers on the grounds that “French government agencies have refused to renew contracts with [the U.S. software company, Panda] because of the management’s relationship to Scientology.”

Effective Help for Today's New Zealand

by jamesp (via)
Along with other community leaders, special guest Mihi Hohepa, representative of the Maori Queen, cut the ribbon at the grand opening of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Exhibit.

Fighting Heroin Trafficking in Italy

by jamesp
As Italy is a transit point on the trafficking of heroin from southwest Asia through the Balkans to Western Europe, Italian Scientologists have created a Say NO to Drugs group to safeguard the children of the country. / bfd / xenu

by bfd
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The secrets of Scientology

by jasontromm
Tom Cruise says Katie Holmes is now a fully-fledged follower of L Ron Hubbard. So what is it about the sci-fi writer's 'religion' that exerts such a hold? Sara Lawrence goes undercover to find out

Cruise Goose Cooked

by jasontromm
THE creators of "South Park" appear ready to fire back at Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology following a dust up earlier this month that included soul singer Isaac Hayes quitting the series.

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