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Science Up Close

by knann (via)
Harcourt Science grades 1-6 with audio narration


Monarch Watch

by knann (via)
:Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research Great site for the study of monarch butterflies.

AOL@SCHOOL Jr.: For Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade -

by knann
AOL@SCHOOL Useful directory of links to activities for all subject areas.


Nutrition Explorations

by knann
Engaging online activities for the nutrition/food unit. Little D the Dragon: Help him get through the maze and get to the banquet on time! Arianna and Marcus: Join them on their amazing expedition! Can you help them make nutritious choices? Monster Nutrition: A new interactive game. Feed the Monster! Shopping List: Download this helpful list and fill in the blanks. Lets go Shopping! Nutrition Tracker: Record your meals and then compare your servings. Score!


Squish the Fish

by knann
Help Squish the Fish travel out across the reef to find his lunch. He needs to find friends who will help him hide from his nemesis, BigTooth Blob. Learn about shape, color, and behavioral adaptations for survival. Has audio and narrative is in rhyme.

Humans and Animal Habitats

by knann
Interactive activity to answer questions and learn about different habitats. Has audio and print information. Good supplement to Habitat Unit.

The Illustrated Materials Database

by knann
The Materials Database allows pupils to interrogate an illustrated database of the properties of everyday materials. At the simplest level they can click on a property to view all materials which have that property. Use the Teacher section for loads of lesson print materials.

African Animal Communities

by knann
Read about different african animal communities. Easy reading level.

Kidspiration Activity Templates

by knann
Many curriculum related templates created by teachers for grades k-5 available for downloading. Check it out!

BBC School: Science Clips: Gr 2-3

by knann
Science activities for Grade 2-3. Directions: Click on the game button then click on the full screen button for the best view.

All About Animals

by knann
A new pictorial database for K-3 pupils. Explore the interactive program and download images and fact files. Reading Level approximately 2-3

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