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November 2006

Pulliam Ford | Columbia, SC | South Carolina's Number 1 Ford Dealer.

by maddoxeric (via)
Local car dealership in Columbia. Very large selection of new and used.


by maddoxeric
A club in Columbia, SC that features live music from local, regional, and national artists.

May 2006

Papa Jazz Records

by maddoxeric
A very cool record shoppe in the five points area of columbia, sc.

April 2006

SC: Voting By Absentee Ballot

by aflciopolitical
Need to have reason (list of acceptable reasons)

March 2006

S.C. Lt. Gov. Caught Speeding, No Tickets

by jasontromm (via)
Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has been stopped at least twice in the past four months for speeding -- once for going 101 mph in a 70 mph zone on a wet highway -- but was let off without a ticket. Video taken by a camera mounted in the patrol car shows that when the trooper asked the driver for his name, Bauer identified himself as "SC Two" -- code for lieutenant governor. The trooper then says, "You have a good night, sir," and the video ends.

September 2005

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