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October 2007

Samsung SGH-U600

by chernobylnews
LetsGoMobile reviewed the Samsung U600 mobile phone. At the start of this year Samsung introduced a new mobile in their Ultra Edition line at the 3GSM in Barcelona. One of the phones introduced was the Samsung SGH-U600, also known as the Samsun Ultra Edition 10.9. The Samsung U600 is a mobile phone that appears at first glance to fulfil all the wishes of the average mobile phone user. Approximately 8% of the profits return to R&D so that Samsung can continually put new, innovative phones on the market. The Samsung U600 is a slider phone equipped with a 3.2 Megapixel autofocus digital camera with flash, an MP3 player and a microSD card with extendable memory and some touch sensitive keys.

September 2007

January 2007

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