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The Big Picture - Sample Material

by tadeufilippini (via)
Sample Material Teacher-comments The Big Picture Elementary Unit 5 Unit 5 Student's Book alt tag goes here alt tag goes here New Framework 5 Unit 6 Unit 2 Student's Book Download PDFs of the sample pages for each level of The Big Picture.


2012 -

by Emaux
Forum et banques de fichiers sons libres de droit, avec des commentaires techniques, notamment sur leur prise de son.


HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.4 updated 5/12

by Xavier Lacot & 4 others
A boilerplate for email and mailing creators: a great tool for building a bulletproof mailing solution!


File Formats

by JJL (via)
There are a number of different types of Audio files. The most common are Wave files (wav) and MPEG Layer-3 files (mp3). There are, however, many other audio file types discussed below. The type is usually determined by the file extension (what comes after the "." in the file name). For example, ".wav", ".mp3" or ".dct".

Sample Movies

by JJL & 1 other (via)
Use these Sample Movies to test your system

Stay Free's Illegal Art Compilation CD

by marco & 1 other
Most of these tracks would never have existed if the artists had adhered to copyright law.

Index of /video/derf/y4m/1080p

by nicolargo
Sample vidéo au format MPEG-2 1080p

Immersion - Video Library - The New York Times

by HK
immersion young kids watching video games on camera

Index of /samplerdownload

by nicolargo
Sample audio HIFi 96Khz pour test installation audio HD


The Whale Hunt / A storytelling experiment / by Jonathan Harris

by HK
Belle navigation paramétrable (en mosaîque, timeline, etc...). On peut imaginer de naviguer entre des videos au lieu de photos : C'est l'histoire d'un garçon qui a ramené 3214 photos de vacances qui se lie comme un beau livre ... interface très impressionnante

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