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Benoît Sagot - WOLF

by parmentierf
Le WOLF (Wordnet Libre du Français) est une ressource lexicale sémantique (wordnet) libre pour le français.


Atlas Sémantique - dictionnaire bilingue français-anglais / anglais-français dictionnaire des synonymes français / anglais et traduction

by parmentierf & 11 others
L'Atlas sémantique du CNRS propose un dictionnaire des synonymes anglais et un autre des synonymes français. Chaque mot proposé est lui-même cliquable et apporte une nouvelle liste de synonymes.

EuroWordNet:Building a multilingual database with wordnets for several European languages.

by parmentierf (via)
EuroWordNet is a multilingual database with wordnets for several European languages (Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech and Estonian). The wordnets are structured in the same way as the American wordnet for English ( Princeton WordNet, Miller et al 1990) in terms of synsets (sets of synonymous words) with basic semantic relations between them. Each wordnet represents a unique language-internal system of lexicalizations. In addition, the wordnets are linked to an Inter-Lingual-Index, based on the Princeton wordnet. Via this index, the languages are interconnected so that it is possible to go from the words in one language to similar words in any other language. The index also gives access to a shared top-ontology of 63 semantic distinctions. This top-ontology provides a common semantic framework for all the languages, while language specific properties are maintained in the individual wordnets. The database can be used, among others, for monolingual and cross-lingual information retrieval, which was demonstrated by the users in the project.


by parmentierf
Un site web sur le Knowledge Management (ou gestion des connaissances), en entreprise.

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