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March 2013

natew/obtvse · GitHub

by oseres (via)
Simple markdown-powered Ruby on Rails blog platform — Read more

February 2013

January 2013

November 2012

_why's Estate

by NiMe
Archives de _why's

October 2012

Data Modeling in Performant Systems // RailsTips by John Nunemaker

by Spone
I have been working on Words With Friends, a high traffic app, for over six months. Talk about trial by fire. I never knew what scale was. Suffice to say that I have learned a lot.

toystore: Ruby mapper for key-value data stores, and darn near anything - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.

by Spone
NewToy (now Zynga with Friends) the folks that brought you the wildly popular mobile game Words With Friends, also have served up some open source code for your enjoyment. John Nunemaker and Geoffrey Dagley have created Toy Store, an ORM that promises to let you completely change your data store in a couple lines of code.

August 2012

Ragel State Machine Compiler

by jpcaruana
Ragel compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages. Ragel targets C, C++, Objective-C, D, Java and Ruby.

June 2012

May 2012

Vert.x- Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise

by jpcaruana
Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise

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