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FreeRIDE: IDE for the Ruby

by cascamorto
This is the home page for FreeRIDE, an IDE for the Ruby programming language. FreeRIDE will run on as many platforms as possible (currently runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X). The goal of FreeRIDE is simple, yet ambitious: to become THE cross-platform IDE of choice for the Ruby community. We want FreeRIDE to be a first-class IDE on par with those available for other languages.

Neoxen Qwined Award Winning Fully Featured Developer´s Editor

by cascamorto
Regular expressions can be used for searching for patterns rather than literals. Neoxen Qwined is currently able to syntax style these languages: Ada, Apache config file, Assembler, Avenue, Baan, Batch, Bullant, C/C++/C#, CSS, Difference, Errorlist, Eiffel, Fortran, HTML, HTML with embedded JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and ASP, IDL - both MSIDL and XPIDL, INI properties and similar, Java, JavaScript, LaTEX, Lisp, Lout, Lua, Make, MatLab, nnCron crontab, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, but not all of the language, PHP, PL/SQL, PostScript, POV-Ray SDL, Python, Resource, Ruby, Shell, SQL, VB and VBScript, XML, YAML


by cascamorto & 7 others (via)
Locomotive is a flexible one-click solution to Ruby on Rails development for Mac OS X 10.3+.

RubyScript2Exe - A Ruby Compiler

by cascamorto & 4 others (via)
RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into a standalone, compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable. You can look at it as a "compiler".

RadRails - A Ruby on Rails IDE

by cascamorto & 39 others (via)
RadRails is an integrated development environment for the Ruby on Rails framework. The goal of this project is to provide Rails developers with everything they need to develop, manage, test and deploy their applications. Features include source control, debugging, WEBrick servers, generator wizards, syntax highlighting, data tools and much much more.

KavaScript - for the discriminating coder

by cascamorto & 1 other (via)
KavaScript breathes new life into JavaScript by extending it with syntax and features inspired by expressive, dynamic languages like Ruby and Perl. KavaScript is an enhanced dialect of JavaScript designed to make your coding more productive, rewarding, and fun.

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by Riduidel & 39 others
RadRails is an integrated development environment for the Ruby on Rails framework. The goal of this project is to enhance the rails development experience. RadRails seeks to make life simpler by providing rails developers with a single point to manage multiple projects, take advantage of source control and deploy their applications.

September 2005

RDE(Ruby Development Environment)

by Riduidel & 2 others
RDE is the development environment of script language Ruby.

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