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toystore: Ruby mapper for key-value data stores, and darn near anything - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.

by Spone
NewToy (now Zynga with Friends) the folks that brought you the wildly popular mobile game Words With Friends, also have served up some open source code for your enjoyment. John Nunemaker and Geoffrey Dagley have created Toy Store, an ORM that promises to let you completely change your data store in a couple lines of code.




Document-based Ruby Database

by greut & 1 other

RDDB is a Ruby Document-oriented Database. It is inspired by CouchDB

could be a good API to CouchDB as well



by whw85 & 1 other

WagN: a deep merger of wiki and tagging

by clochix
WagN is a deep merger of wiki and tagging—not just a wiki with tagging, but wiki and tags all mashed up together. WagN can do everything a regular wiki can do- but it can also handle data in a way that regular wikis can’t. * WagN is made of cards A card is a chunk of information. * Cards can be connected Whenever two cards are related, you can “connect” them, creating a new card to explain the relationship. * Cards are named with tags A tag is basically just a word or phrase. Every tag has a card that explains it, and every card has a title comprised of one or more tags. A simple card's title is a single tag, while a connection card has a title built from multiple tags.

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