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August 2007

I Hear a Symfony: Rails vs. the Symfony PHP framework | townx

by mbertier
I wondered whether Symfony is good enough to recommend as an alternative to Rails for programmers who already know PHP. In short: it is.

March 2007 :: The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal

by didleur & 35 others
35,361 Resources Listed in Over 1,000 Categories. Php, Ajax, JavaScript, Tools ans Utilisties, Ruby on rails, Flash, Java

November 2006

Fred’s weblog

by jblanche
un blog sur ubuntu, php et ruby on rails

October 2006

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June 2006

November 2005

PHP on TRAX :: Rapid Development Made Easy

by nhoizey & 14 others (via)
Php On Trax(formerly Php On Rails) is a web-application and persistance framework that is based on Ruby on Rails and includes everything needed to create database-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation.

June 2005

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