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03 September 2006 13:00

README - rsback-0.4.2

by springnet
rsback makes rotating backups using the common rsync program ( and some standard file utilities on Unix-based backup hosts. Its purpose is to mirror certain file trees from a remote host or from the local system and to store them as

03 September 2006 02:00

Mirror Your Web Site With rsync | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by springnet
This tutorial shows how you can mirror your web site from your main web server to a backup server that can take over if the main server fails. We use the tool rsync for this, and we make it run through a cron job that checks every x minutes if there is so

Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync

by springnet
The rsync utility is a very well-known piece of GPL'd software, written originally by Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras. If you have a common Linux or UNIX variant, then you probably already have it installed; if not, you can download the source code fro

02 September 2006 21:00

Using Rsync and SSH

by springnet & 5 others
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