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March 2006


by philippej & 8 others
"...reading emails with any RSS feedreader !"

February 2006

Mail2RSS |

by simon_bricolo & 8 others
transforme un mail en flux rss

RSS par Mail

by lemondeduweb & 34 others
Les mises à jour des flux RSS que vous suivez, directement dans votre boîte mail.

RSS par Mail

by boveriec & 34 others
Les mises à jour des flux RSS que vous suivez, directement dans votre boîte mail.

Squeet - Free Email RSS Reader

by jackysee & 9 others (via)
另一 RSS to Mail 服務,提供管理 subscription 的介面

January 2006

Quickmail |

by simon_bricolo & 3 others
transforme automatiquement un mail en flux rss (utilise le protocole IMAP)


by fox_b & 28 others (via)
R-mail lets you watch an RSS subscription via email.


by jdrsantos & 28 others
Subscribe via email to any RSS feed

Bot A Blog: Free blog update notifications by e-mail

by rickdog & 11 others
Bot A Blog is a free service where "bots" send you simple text e-mails when your favorite blogs are updated and new entries are added.

December 2005


by kalley & 8 others
Bloglet offers an email subscription service for your blog


by YukuanMark & 7 others
MailBucket is an experiment in alternative methods of email management. For now its only feature is a public email-to-RSS gateway:

Micro Persuasion: Read Email In Your RSS Reader

by YukuanMark
What a simple, but useful idea. converts email newsletters into RSS feeds in just 30 seconds. - Read Email In Your Aggregator

by gweb & 1 other
This service gives you an email address that can be read by an RSS 2.0 aggregator, and you don't even have to register.


by stane & 28 others

Yahoo Mail RSS Reader (Screenshots!) Integrates Blogs into Email

by jackysee
GMail 曾經傳出 WebClips 的 RSS-reader 功能,結果現在出現的是 Google Reader ,這次 Yahoo! 也將 RSS 整合到其 Email 裏。不過我認為,對於 Heavy User 如我來說,用一個 RSS Reader 比較合適

加强信息聚合功能 雅虎邮件系统支持RSS -

by 移动商务伙伴
作为邮件系统,RSS的作用到底有多大?是否仅仅就是和我们使用OUTLOOK设置只收取邮件头的情况类似? 当年我们只收取邮件头是因为网络速度下载完整的邮件有困难 之后我们只收取邮件头是因为垃圾邮件太多 现在我们是不是真的需要RSS来看自己的邮件? GOOGLE页面定制中可以包含自己的邮件,是否也是RSS的一种表现形式?