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by cyberien
Welcome to filtrbox. We are busy developing a new web service that tracks and monitors new media content and news for small and medium businesses. filtrbox helps you stay in the know, automatically… We are a small team based in Boulder, CO. and we believe there’s a better way to stay in-the-know than keeping up with searches, alerts and RSS subscriptions. We are working hard to get filtrbox ready for a sneak peek, so check back soon for blog updates and news.


by cyberien
You're busy. You have a life and sifting though information you don't need costs you time as well as money. Manage your information flow with Blerts, the first graphics-based desktop RSS alert utility. Our unique desktop application manages your priority content and delivers continuous updates. Right to your desktop. Prioritize Updates Receive the information you want, when you want it and how you want it. Assign a unique graphic to each update and select the alert level that's right - all with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Spotback - Personal News

by cyberien & 21 others
Spotback is a new breed of personalized news service. It is designed to quickly learn each user's fields of interest and style by analyzing how users rate and interact with news information. It then offers users the most interesting, relevant and hard to filter news information personally tailored to their taste. Spotback uses sophisticated algorithms that analyze social behavior. These algorithms are designed to harness the power of the entire community for the benefit of the individual user. The ideas and technologies behind Spotback are based on the understanding that every user has his own interest and tastes. The true challenge of a personalized information service lies in finding the information that will interest individual users the most rather than the information that most users think is interesting. This concept makes Spotback fundamentally different from the existing 'find the most popular content' or 'top stories' technologies.


RSS help: RSS Feeds explained

by artistx
Free RSS reader and install help. Take your first steps with RSS and get a free reader and simple steps to install. Get RSS savvy today!

Internet Zones

by RoadRat
Useful links, a big site directory and the latest news from the best sources.


by FYAPIC (via)

Leaning Toward Rojo, But…

by abyzen (via)
some niggles ... Aug 10, 2006

Goodbye Bloglines, hello Rojo (

by abyzen (via)
Online RSS reader overview 09 Aug 2006 (Winner = Rojo)


NEWSPAGE | - Create your own News Pages

by svartling & 4 others
On NEWSPAGE you can create your own News Pages and RSS feeds, or use others already created. Pages and Feeds are created by filtering selected sources with keywords. Be social - comment on other users News Pages! Use the "quick link" feature and bookmark your favorite pages! Read the selected feeds in the built in Feed Aggregator. Read by source, category or like a long list of posts with the latest at the top.

A new website - NEWSPAGE (beta)

by svartling
I have released a new website that I have been working on called "Newspage". On Newspage you can create "News Pages" (News Radars) by filtering the content with keywords. Every News Page created gets it's own RSS Feed, so you can easily subscribe to all the News Pages you create or find interesting. All the content is aggregated from all kinds of feeds around the web, and categorized by me.

Hur kan vi underlätta det ständigt ökande informationsflödet på webben?

by svartling
Internet utvecklas hela tiden och nya Web 2.0 tjänster dyker upp nästan varje dag. Så hur gör vi för att klara oss i detta enorma informations flöde som bara växer hela tiden? Hur kan vi med egna bloggar och hemsidor hjälpa till?

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