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September 2006

nymeria : CWRPS : wilted and faded somewhere in hollywood (have you ever felt so used up as this?) : fic

by Olivia
RPS. Jensen. I was charmed by the theme, by the way she presented the situation. Well-written, and not a PWP -- a thing I don't usually see in RPS. Apologies to Jensen and Jensen's mama.

August 2006

onelittlesleep : CWRPS : In Australia, You'll Forget About Me Moving In : fic

by Olivia
Jared/Chad RPS. Breaks you with her characteristic twist of truth. Embarrassing, cruel, intricate, inexplicable, in the way that people really are with each other. And the sex.. jesus fuck that's hot.

cupiscent : CWRPS : Comeuppance : fic

by Olivia
Jared/Chad. First half of the cowritten "Payback (Is A Bitch.)" Wasn't as impressed with the second half, but the first one. Whoo. Pretty good. I'm such a hypocrite. I could hold off on the J2, even the Jensen/JDM. But the Jared/Chad broke me, hard

July 2006

veronamay : CWRPS : In Which Jared Makes A Realisation And Jensen Isn't Nice : fic

by Olivia
My sincerest apologies to both Mr. Padalecki and Mr. Ackles. But.. oh man. This is hot.

June 2006

ladyjaida : CWRPS : The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crushing on a Douche : fic

by Olivia
who? what? i totally didn't read this. it totally wasn't funny and compelling. oh. slick up that slippery slope for me, because i'm gonna go for a little ride.

March 2006

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