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December 2006

BUBL LINK: Media studies

by jlesage
a UK portal's link to media links portals; some entries here will be new to US academics

November 2006

Media Art Net | Overview of Media Art | MassMedia

by jlesage
links to many full text essays on television; site is a little difficult to navigate, but links to much good writing

October 2006

Main Page - AcademicBlogs

by jlesage & 1 other
A wiki about academic blogs, with links to blogs in each academic area of study

September 2006

Intute - the best Web resources for education and research

by jlesage & 4 others
UK academics and researchers write entries on many topics of interest, a bit like an encyclopedia that you ask questions of.

July 2006

Bloglines | About Bloglines

by jlesage
I tried a number of ways to do RSS news feeds but could not get the hang of it. This is a site that keeps a free news aggregator for you. It has an intuitive and practical interface. The disadvantage is that once again I contribute to marketing data co

June 2006

feminism - Sphere

by jlesage
I often try out social bookmarking sites by typing in a key word, such as "feminism," to see what comes up. It lets me compare the sites.

geek women-culturecat h2o

by jlesage
from Clancy Ratliff, major edublogger

*The* Link Portal on Gender in the Blogosphere | CultureCat

by jlesage
the constant question: Where are the women in cyberspace?

May 2006

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