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The 25 Most Influential Punk Bands

by kooolman (via)
Pfffh, y'a même pô Sport Doen (alors qu'ils seront au KoooLfest). Et qu'en pensent les Zoulkeux ? =>,54909

Fuzz :: Maureen

by dustface
I used to be in a band called Babes in Toyland--almost exactly ten years after I left the band I started working for Fuzz. I was introduced to one of the founders through my brother who worked with him at Google. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what artists need--I always have, and now it's part of my job. I think that artists need to make a living doing what they love—not sacrifice so severely to be able to create—and in some cases stall their ability to be prolific. Artists live in possibility, but they can not live on it.



by cheminokaos (via)
Les videos faforites de CHEMINO KAOS sur Daylimotion au programme : videos punk , oi! , ska , psycho , rock alternatif ...


by cheminokaos (via)
L' espace de CHEMINO KAOS sur Youtube


by cheminokaos (via)
Les videos postées par CHEMINO KAOS sur Dailymotion

Bruno Belland alias BB Coyotte

by vodkacoca
illustrations sur les tribus du rock !! gothic, hardos, punk rockers, psychobillies,pretty freaks,tikis/ hot rod, surf, garage, métalleux, et pin up girls !!!


by thousand*bones (via)
WE MAKE NOISE, IT'S OUR CHOICE ! - paris booking agency

by vodkacoca & 1 other
Minishort is a brand new Paris-based music promoter. We mainly work with rock bands (indie, pop, emo, screamo, hxc, noise, folk, post-rock, metalcore, punk..). We provide the catering and a place to stay for foreign bands.

Junk Rock

by glamazon
A place for music junkies with excellent taste in music! You know who you are, you listen to Backyard Babies, Ginger, The Wildhearts, The Black Halos, The Chelsea Smiles, Sex Slaves and American Heartbreak. You also listen to the best Podcast on the planet, The Rock and Roll Geek Show. What!? Never heard of any of these bands? Never listened to the Rock and Roll Geek Show? Well you should remedy that and take a listen ASAP! You can thank me later!


by vodkacoca & 1 other
Activistes de la scene Punk Rock Parisienne depuis 1983!


by dfracheb & 1 other
Des Vhs des groupes les plus barrés Toy Dolls, Lynk Wray, Psychic TV, Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle , Hawkwind...

optimo nowave mix

by dfracheb
Mars - 3E DNA - You and You Teenage Jesus and The Jerks - Freud In Flop The Contortions - Contort Yourself The Fire Engines - Get Up And Use Me Blurt - Puppeteer Tools You Can Trust - Show Your Teeth Sonic Youth - Shaking Hell 8 Eyed Spy - Lazy In Love Pulsallama - On The Rag Arto / Neto - Pini, Pini Y Pants - That's The Way Boys Are ImpLOG - Breakfast Jill Kroesen - Fay Shism Blues

troubleman unlimited

by dfracheb
Troubleman Unlimited started as an offshoot (of sorts) to the often-misunderstood "Wanna Communicate?" fanzine. One cannot understand Troubleman Unlimited without first receiving a brief history lesson on the origins of "Wanna Communicate?". The fanzine was the brainchild of myself and Tom Curren, a fellow hardcore kid and student at St. Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ. The name "Wanna Communicate?" came from a poster I received for Christmas from my aunt. The poster depicts a monkey hanging from a branch by one hand, about to slip and fall to an untimely demise. Underneath the photo was the caption "Wanna Communicate?" This was an extremely clever take on the famous "Hang In There" posters of the day. I hung it on my wall in my room out of loyalty to my family (it's an Italian thing) next to the Black Flag Pettibone poster that came with the "The First Four Years" double LP set. The first issue was printed in an edition of 100 copies, and included the original demo tape of the upstart hardcore band Merel. John, the guitarist, paid for the production of the demo and we simply stuck it in with the fanzine. It sold out relatively quick which was a suprise to say the least, considering how much of a travesty it was. By the time the next issue came out, I had transferred to Jersey City State College (movin' on up!) and had fallen out of touch with Tom. I decided to continue the legacy. After all was said and done, "Wanna Communicate?" published 5.6 issues, and interviewed some pretty rad bands/people: Jawbreaker, Rocket From The Crypt, Rodan, Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu, Left Insane, Nation Of Ulysses, Chisel, famous roadies, Rorschach, Simple Machines Records, Shudder To Think, ABCNORIO, etc...As a matter of fact, I heard some of these notorious interviews have been bootlegged and reprinted in other zines (NOU and Jehu). Troubleman #000.5 (Superpowers Tape Compilation) was released with issue #4 of "Wanna Communicate?" Thus, the label was born. The name TROUBLEMAN UNLIMITED came from the popular film/book/soundtrack TROUBLEMAN, and the word UNLIMITED was tagged on the end because we wanted to have an unlimited scope of coverage, something I feel the label has actually stayed true to this day. The logo was borrowed from the Miles Davis "On the Corner" LP. Simply track down the original pressing of the record and open the gatefold. She is staring you in the face. It's that simple, kids.

-.-.-. DOT DASH .-.-.- New York City

by vodkacoca
Punk, Garage, New Wave, Rock N Roll shows in New York City. Live band photos, fliers, show listings, record reviews of crazy, wild, punk and garage rocknroll!

MP3: Space Needle - Recordings 1994-1997

by runout_groove
Review and mp3s from the new retrospective collection from Long Island's Space Needle, one of the most legendary noise/rock bands of the 1990s, and one of the most underappreciated.

MP3: Manic Street Preachers Discography - Part One: The First 3 Singles (1989-1991)

by runout_groove
first part in a new series of articles about the welsh indie rock band manic street preachers. this post focuses on the bands first three singles: suicide alley, new art riot and motown junk, and includes vintage photos and mp3s to download.

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