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September 2007

Jabber::Bot :: Crisis Averted!

by greut

Jabber::Bot makes it simple to create and command your own Jabber bot with little fuss. By adding custom commands powered by regular expressions to your bot's repertoire, you and your new bot will be able to accomplish nearly anything.

a simple and extensible Jabber bot in Ruby

August 2007

Free Robotic Machine Vision Software

by springnet & 1 other
RoboRealm® is a powerful robotic vision software application for use in computer vision, image processing, and robot vision tasks. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis and robot control becomes easy!

SRV-1 Mobile Robotic Webcam with Zigbee

by springnet
remotely-controlled webcam or self-navigating autonomous robot, the SRV-1 can be managed from a Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux base station, and the Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 via a web browser

July 2007

Robot Book 閱讀清單

by YukuanBlog
這陣子我也 K 了好些 Robot 相關的書,內容包括理論及實作,涵蓋了電子、電機、機械、機構等,趁空檔把這些書整理整理,上來和大家分享


by ycc2106
create a moving robot from masses, springs and muscles

WebCron - Accueil

by CharlesNepote & 11 others
"[...] Webcron vous permettra d'effectuer des taches à heure fixe en allant chercher une page sur votre site. Par exemple, sauvegarder votre base de données, pour cela il vous suffit de faire un script sauvegarde_base.php et dans ce script vous allez enregistrer votre base dans un fichier ensuite ajoutez une tache dans votre Webcron pour effectuer la requête [...]"

June 2007

Robot 'guard dog' protects Wi-Fi setups | CNET

by lukeslytalker
LAS VEGAS--A strange two-wheeled creature was skimming through the halls of the Alexis Park Hotel on Sunday--a robot that sniffs out network vulnerabilities.

May 2007

April 2007

March 2007

Robot Pouch - Silver - CAD $25.00 : Anatomy of a Skirt, handmade goods for alternative consumers

by julie (via)
J'en connais une à qui ça va plaire ! Ooooohhh un robot pouch... sooo cuuute ! Robichon, viens voir !

Robot Living

by pauly
Get your daily dose of robots here.

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